Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

The Fitbit Flex may be the fitness tracking system to keep you moving.  In fact, “never stop moving” could easily be its motto because it is worn – exercising, showering, sleeping, or simply walking. fitbit-flex-01

1. What you do/don’t see

The Fitbit Flex is a streamlined, elegant, light-weight device.  The only “adornments” on the wristband are the line of five tiny white LED lights, and the Fitbit logo. Many traditional pedometer and GPS tracking watches have screens that display alphanumeric characters.

The Flex gives you visual feedback via the five LED lights that are embedded in the upper surface of the wristband.  Each light that illuminates indicates that you have reached 20% of your goal. If walking 10,000 steps is your goal, all five lights illuminate and flash in a random pattern when you reach that goal.  The Fitbit also emits a celebratory “haptic buzzing” (a tactile feedback indicator that causes the wristband to vibrate). fitbit-flex-02

2. Reporting the data

Monitor your progress in real time.  But instead of viewing your progress on an LCD-type screen, tap the Fitbit app to automatically sync your tracker to select Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, your PC or Mac.

3. The Dashboard

A package of free online tools, including the free iPhone and Android app, comes with the Fitbit.  These apps enable you to set goals and follow your progress, all through your personal dashboard.  Track your steps and distance traveled, calories burned; monitor your active minutes and sleep.  Stay motivated through goal progress and milestone updates. fitbit-flex-03 Create an integrated fitness regimen using some of the most popular fitness apps, including MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, Sparkpeople, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and LoseIt! And it’s not just kids who like receiving recognition.  You can earn electronic “badges” for your daily and lifetime fitness achievements.  Who, in their secret heart of hearts, doesn’t enjoy receiving a “gold star”– especially one you’ve earned through your fitness efforts? fitbit-flex-04

4. The details:

Fitbit is easily recharged using the USB cable and socket adapter, included with purchase.  Also in the box with the Fitbit Flex Tracker are large and small bands, a wireless sync dongle, and a free Fitbit account.

1. Battery life:

5 – 7 days (depending on usage). Cleaning the charging contacts is simple and requires only a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or a slightly dampened tissue to clean the contacts.  The tracker should be thoroughly dry before charging, and fully seated in the charger during the recharging process.

2. Performance:

In addition to tracking steps, calories, etc., the Flexbit tracks sleeping patterns to enable the user to monitor and document sleeping cycles. The stylish activity tracker can also silently waken the wearer with a gentle vibration – great when you and your partner are on different wakeup schedules.

3. Design:

The wristband is designed to be full-time wearable technology.  It is low-profile, slim, and designed to fit snugly on the wrist.The wristband is made of a durable and flexible elastomeric material and doesn’t contain latex. The clasp is surgical-grade stainless steel with traces of nickel. The wristband has nine oval holes and two pegs that snap into the notch-shaped holes.  Once snugly secured, the lightweight Flex stays put.

4. Setup:

Setting the Fitbit for sleep mode takes a bit of patience and practice.  Otherwise, setup is fairly straightforward.  Users are directed to a URL for setup and usage guides. The Fitbit can also be easily reset, if needed.

5. Final verdict:

Fitbit Flex offers wireless convenience, automatic syncing with devices, and reporting in real time.  The wristband is lightweight, discrete-looking, and seems to easily become part of the body with fulltime wearing.  It is a step up from more basic tracking devices and provides valuable data through easily accessible apps on the user’s cellphone or PC. The Fitbit Flex can help keep users motivated and on target.  It is a great option for people who are serious about starting a smart fitness program – and staying with it.

The Fitbit Flex may be the fitness tracking system to keep you moving.  In fact, “never stop moving” could easily be its motto because it is worn – exercising, showering, sleeping, or simply walking. Table Of Content 1. What you do/don’t see 2. Reporting the data 3. The Dashboard 4. The details: 1. Battery life: …

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