Garmin vívofit Fitness Band

Quality basics in a fitness tracking device is essential for outdoor lover and the Garmin vívofit Fitness Band offers quality, comfort, style, and long battery life to fitness tracking users.

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1. Motivating you to get moving

The primary purpose of any fitness program is to get – and keep – you moving.  Garmin has designed the vívofit to help you improve and sustain your fitness by keeping track of your activity level and assigning a personalized goal for you each day.

Use vívofit to track the number of steps you take and count the calories you’ve burned throughout the day.  Set the vívofit to sleep mode and monitor your sleep.  The sleep mode data documents the quality of your rest – how much deep and shallow sleep you have each night.

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Wireless syncing enables you to upload your tracked data to the Garmin Connect app.  Your online or mobile device will display your daily, weekly, or monthly progress using clean and easily readable charts.

2. Let’s return to movement.

Vívofit alerts you to sedentary periods.  The display presents a red bar that remains until you’ve moved enough to clear it.  If you have been inactive for approximately an hour, the vívofit reminder gives you a visual nudge.  A red segment of the bar appears in the screen; for 15 minute increment beyond the hour of inactivity, another red segment appears.  When all segments are red, the tracking device is telling you that you have been inactive for a total of two hours.

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3. Your vívofit kit

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Your vívofit comes with the fitness band, 2 lithium metal batteries, and an ANT+ USB dongle.

1. Battery life:

The device has two removable CR1632 batteries that provide a year’s worth of use (the required mini screwdriver are not included).  The stated battery life is 8760 hours.

2. Performance:

Your stats (and the time of day) display on the wristband’s screen.  Scroll through seven screens of information including time, distance covered, calories burned, steps, goal (the number of steps remaining), date, and heart rate.

The activity tracker is impressively accurate, too.  Worn 24/7, this Garmin tracker provides consistent and reliable data based on your personal details. Your vívofit tracks the number of steps according to your projected stride length; it adjusts to accommodate the change in stride when you are running.

3. Social Influence:

The social feature included in the Garmin Connect app enables users to connect with other vívofit users to compete and compare stats, and encourage each other.  Users are automatically entered in weekly challenges, paired with people with similar activity levels.

4. Design:

The wristband is designed to fit snugly, using a peg-and-hole closure.  Swimmers will appreciate that it is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Press the button on top of the device and wirelessly sync the vívofit with Garmin Connect to track your progress.  Access to the free online community is done through your computer or mobile device.

The screen is an always-on LCD display with a black background and large gray numbers that are readable in most light; the display is not backlit.

5. Setup:

Quick and easy.  Insert the ANT stick into your computer’s USB port, press/hold the button on the vívofit until “PAIR” appears on the device screen and release the button.  Download and install Garmin Express to your computer, complete the registration process, and pair your device via Bluetooth with your phone, or with the ANT+ USB dongle and your PC.  (Sync your data in the same way – by Bluetooth or PC + dongle).

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NOTE:  there is no charging function and no physical port on the vívofit: it relies on wireless radios for connectivity.

4. Final verdict:

The vívofit offers long battery life, easy setup and maintenance, accurate tracking, good reporting functions, and wireless sync.   Its intuitive goal monitoring function adapts to each day’s accomplishments, either up or down, and alerts you to periods of prolonged inactivity – all designed to accomplish its main purpose:  to keep you moving.

Quality basics in a fitness tracking device is essential for outdoor lover and the Garmin vívofit Fitness Band offers quality, comfort, style, and long battery life to fitness tracking users. Table Of Content 1. Motivating you to get moving 2. Let’s return to movement. 3. Your vívofit kit 1. Battery life: 2. Performance: 3. Social …

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